Mt Rinjani Trekking Route

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There are many way to reach or to do track to Mount Rinjani in Lombok Island but we suggest to follow the 3 routes that have been passing by the trekkers generally. You can trek via Senaru, Sembalun and Torean.

Senaru Trekking Route

perched high in the foothills of Mount Rinjani, about 7 km from Bayan, the small, traditional village of Senaru has an air of untainted antiquity. The village of Senaru is main gateway to Mt. Rinjani National Park, the most popular start point for 3 days Rinjani trek up Indonesia’s second highest peak(3126m). the cool, flower-filled mountain village of Senaru on the slopes of Mt. Rinjani stretches up a hillside spur along a winding road above Bayan. It is a scenic 2.5 hours drive from Senggigi to Senate. The Desa includes the hamlet of Senaru Batu Koq and Tumpangsari, and all offer accommodation in simple but pretty home stays with lovely view. Senaru Trekking Route is recommended for the trekker who have a long vacation because minimum trekking program trough this route is 3 days and 2 nights, trek up via Senaru village and trek down via Sembalun village.

Sembalun Trekking Route

High up on the eastern slopes of mount Rinjani is the cold but beautiful Sembalun valley. From the north coast road 9 km east of Bayan, a rough but usable climbs to Sembalun Lawang and continue to Sembalun Bumbung. Sembalun Lawang is set in an ancient and fertile caldera to the east of Mt. Rinjani, the preferred access route for summiteers. The rich soil produces high quality market garden crops, Including the famous garlic and rice, staple of local farmers. Seismic activity is monitored daily at the government Rinjani Volcanology Center. The beautiful valley of Sembalun is also known for its hill walks, recently restored traditional village, active culture performers and local weavers. Sembalun Trekking Route is recommended for the trekker who have short holiday. We can do the trekking 2 days and 1 night with the summit program.

Torean Trekking Route

We can climb up to the crater rim via Torean, a small village just south – east of Bayan. The trail follows Sungai Kokok Putih, the stream that flows from lake Segara Anak and the hot springs, but it’s hard to find, so we recommended this route for the trekker who have many experiences on the adventure because the track much more extreme.

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