Sasak and Kuta Lombok Trip


Through this program we will visit the traditional house of the Sasak tribe and beautiful landscape of Tanjung Aan, Mawun and Kuta beach Lombok.

The trip will be started after breakfast or welcoming briefing with our guide in Selaparang airport, actually at 08:00 AM. We will drive through the tourist center Senggigi area, Mangsit, Malimbu and Baun Pusuk. In Malimbu we can see the beautiful landscape of three Gilis (Gili Air, Gili Meno, Gili Trawangan) and also the white sandy beach of Malimbu. You can take many pictures here as your memories holiday in Lombok Island. The next driving around 30 minutes we will reach Baun Pusuk where the friendly monkeys live. The monkey here is very different like the monkey in Sangeh Bali because the monkey in Baun Pusuk very friendly. You can give something like Banana to their hand directly.

weaving-sukarara senaru-village

We will continue the trip to Sukarara village where the hand weaving textiles produce. The local guide here will bring you to observe the village where the local people produce the hand weaving. You can also try or practice to make the textile. You can also take the picture using the uniform of Lombok traditional clothing.

The main attractions are typical Sasak Houses in Rambitan and Sengkol, representing a unique architecture in Austro-Malayan archipelago with its habitants the Sasak tribe. The day will completed by a visit to unspoiled, white sandy beach with its crystal blue water, the Kuta Beach, Mawun and Tanjung Aan Beach a unique tranquil beauty rarely visited. On the way back to hotel you can ask to your guide to stop to Lombok shopping area where you can buy something special from Lombok Island. You can find some authentic here like: Lombok pearls, Woven and much kind of souvenirs.

Package includes:

  1. Licensed experienced guides
  2. Private car with air conditioner
  3. Cold drink
  4. Entrance fee
  5. Lunch

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