Trekking Meals

The challenging adventure needs appropriate food combining. Trekking to the top of 3726 meters will be very exhausting and much energy consuming. Never be attempted with cheap trekking package as it would influence the equipment and food.
Proper calories and nutrition will keep the trekkers stay fit, and the proper equipment will ensure the trekking experience become more efficient.
This is the example of our food prescription for trekking to Mount Rinjani:
dinner in the tent on Mount Rinjanifresh fruith with coffee

Breakfast : Cereal, biscuit, sandwich, banana pancake with honey, salad
Lunch : Noodle soup, vegetable, bakso (meat ball), egg, plain rice,fried chicken, fried Tempe, fruits.
Dinner : Fried rice, fried chicken, tempe goreng, gado – gado, mixed rice(rice, egg, )
Drink: Tea, lemon tea, hot chocolate, lombok coffee, ginger tea, isotonik drink, mineral water.

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